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The series Above/Below was inspired while free-diving on the west coast of Haida Gwaii. Above/Below was originally published as a collaborative photo-essay in Northword Magazine by photographer Joseph Crawford and artist Allison Smith, and has since evolved into a small group exhibit. The series explores the experience of submerging into the underwater world and will be on exhibit at the Smithers Art Gallery in 2019. 

Art Merging with Nature

My recent work is inspired by the changing geometry and contrasting movement of the west coast waters in a collaborative series, Above / Below. I use a combination of mediums including watercolours, pastels, acrylics, spray paint and ink. All pieces are hand painted, original pieces. 


Commission Above/Below  artworks can be made by contacting me directly at: We will then discuss pricing, size, and colours. Please note that all commissions are made by order and require a 50% deposit to secure the artwork. Orders can be filled typically between 2 - 6 weeks, but vary depending on time of year.