I love the feeling of being alone in a new City

A few thoughts from my recent trip to Vancouver:

I love the autonomy of being alone in a city. The calming exploration of chaos.  I'm in no rush. I have no destination. I have no plan. 

I love experiencing the pavement hitting my feet. Block upon block. I turn down roads that lure me with cherry blossoms. And stop at cafes based on the window dressings and local patrons deep in their work.  I have no agenda for the day. No expectations. No disappointment.  I experience cultural sites. The subtle transitions from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. I take in  the sounds, every squeak and every whistle. I stand on subways with my head up looking around, instead of lost on my phone.

I get lost. 

I walk through museums. I buy food. And then a little bit more food. With just myself to experience  the rush and flow of people. The noise of familiar conversations. I walk through parks to see the city's inner calmness. Where nature says goodbye to pavement. 

 It's like I have an invisibility cloak. A sheet of transparency. The city doesn't know I'm there, but I can see the entire city.  

Allison SmithComment