Be nice to your aunt

When I was really little I loved spending time with my aunt. We would have sleepovers and day trips to the zoo. We would have play dates, and bake cakes. I would help out with my cousin's birthday parties and I loved it. But as I grew up, I spent less and less time with my aunt. Maybe I thought I was too cool to spend time with family, or I was too busy doing other things. I'm not entirely sure.

I'm now an aunt. And it's an incredible feeling. I love my nephew very, very much. He's the spitting image of my brother. I want to hug him and spend time with him. I want him to be happy, to succeed and be friends with me as he grows up. I really wish the world for him.

But it's only now that I realize that my aunt probably felt and feels the same way. Which melts my heart. I am her brother's daughter. Which to her, is pretty darn incredible. I know this, because it's pretty exciting and cool that my brother now has a son. 

As a kid, I didn't realize the dynamic of these relationships as much. I got embarrassed or annoyed by my parents. My aunts and uncles seem like nothing more than 'aunts and uncles'. It wasn't until I was older and of course wiser, that I can really appreciate these relationships and their meaning. 

When I recently made this revelation, I was in a bit of awe. The feelings I have for my nephew, my aunt has for me! And for that, I am grateful. I wont be able to help but look at my relationship with my aunts and uncles a little bit differently.