the idea descent

3 days. That’s the amount of time it takes for my brilliant idea to come down from the clouds and face reality. I call it: the idea descent.

When an idea soars, it flies. But it’s not long before I begin to challenge its flight. And when that happens,  it picks up speed and spirals out of control. What if this? How about that? I think of all the possibilities and the obstacles. Altering, tweaking and developing the idea further and further. Gusts of wind and excitement push it up again. I talk to friends, colleagues, family, professionals. And the direction changes.

Has it been done? Has someone already solved this need?

A downdraft begins.

What would the customer adoption and retention be? Would people really use it?

A downburst.

I start to realize the feasibility of the idea. The viability. 

It hovers.

Do I still want to pursue this?

And the idea descends down from the clouds, landing firmly in reality. Overly questioned, poked, tucked away, forgotten.  Or, if I’m lucky, realized.

Though it’s not long until another cloud of brilliant ideas roll in… ready to try to fly.