A little more listening, and a little less multi-tasking

Sometimes I multi-task and I feel bad about it. I'll be writing on my computer, trying to engage in a conversation with Joe about his day, while also absorbing all the lessons of a podcast. I end up doing none of them really well. Or I'm sitting with a friend catching up, and they are scrolling through their phone nodding along. Not really listening to everything that's being said.

I later feel bad about it. I feel bad for not being present in conversations. Or even giving my work my full attention. I'm not really giving either the attention they deserve. 

It's one thing to listen to music and complete an invoice and then answer the phone. It's another to do it to a person you're sitting with. Often times the multi-tasking can put a burden on the quality of the conversation and the relationship. At least for me. So I'm going to multi-task a little less, and listen a little more.