the perfect moment that doesn't exist

Most of us will spend a good, exhausting portion of our lives waiting and searching for the perfect moment.  The perfect moment to have children. The perfect moment to get married. To live abroad. To get a dog. To change jobs. To take risks. And so on.

We’ll put up with relationships, thinking they’ll get better once everything is perfect. We’ll be happy once we aren’t in school, once we live together, once we have children. We’ll give excuses, we’ll put up with stressors to explain why things aren’t perfect now. Why we aren’t happy now.

But here’s the clincher. There is no perfect moment.

It doesn’t exist.  No matter how hard you try to find that perfect moment, something will be wrong. You’ll miss your family back home. You’ll miss the mountains but love the ocean. You’ll want more money or more time. You’ll want to be healthier, more social and so on.

Once you let go of this idea that there isa perfect moment that awaits you, that will last forever, you’ll be able to embrace today a whole lot better. So be happy today. Be thankful today. Embrace and love passionately TODAY. Be close with your family today. Start that company today. Live and work where it makes you happy today, because the moment is now.

I mean, why put your happiness on hold for something that may never come? Life happens.  Stop waiting for this utopia; this perfect moment of a destination. It doesn’t exist.

Life is about finding those little perfections and imperfections. And embracing them just the same.