Is this Really Work? Filming Haida Gwaii Wild

Sometimes it's hard trying to figure out self employment life. Trying to always have a project on the back burner simmering at least 6 months in advance. The tug-of-war of dedicating time to pitches and RFPs for future work, and dedicating time to completing current projects. Sometimes there's a million things on the go, and other times there's silence. 

I've worked with entrepreneurs for several years now, but I have to say it's a whole other ball game trying to hustle two small businesses on an island of only 4,500 people. But, then there are those projects where I have to remind myself I am even working, and why almost a year ago I set out on this weird, hard, fun self-employment journey.

Last fall Joe and I got to play around with our phantom 4 and underwater housing for a MIEDS & Destination BC tourism promotional film. We got to explore some of Haida's Gwaii's best places. Kayak at sunset in Port Clements, free dive the west coast waters of Rennell Sound and watch the north beach surfers wait for waves. As hard as it is sometimes, I feel pretty luck to get to explore these islands', pursue creative work, and do it all with incredible people. 

Check out Haida Gwaii Wild, here: